Friday, April 6, 2007

Pachoti or the Belly Button Device

This is a very special energy tool for the navel. Health problems may arise because the belly button or umbilicus (Pachoti) is out of alignment. It is also called as Nabhi.The symptoms may be constipation, diarrhea, backache, excessive menstrual flow, and chronic pain in abdomen. The Pachoti is a unique device, which helps balance the center of body and the energy channels, known as Nadis, starting at the belly button.

The navel area was our first connection with the outside world. All oxygen and nutrients flowed into our foetal forms through this Gateway. Therefore the navel center has a special sensitivity that remains for rest of our life in spite of physical cutting of the umbilical cord at birth.
Navel is actually the physical center of body, halfway between the upper and lower body. It is also the point of balance of Yin and Yang energies.
The navel is also our storage of pranic shakti or chi energy. It has the ability to process the pranic energy. It collects, transforms and balances the pranic shakti taken from other sources, directing them to recharge the pranic energy at its source between navel, kidneys and sexual center. The pachoti center has a close connection to all the energy channels particularly those related to crown, sexual center, perineum, kidneys, and the heart. It is said in some yoga books that 72000 channels of energies are passing through this center.
From the very beginning of life the navel is involved in harmonizing, processing and transforming the body’s pranic energy as the embryo receives nourishment through the umbilical cord. In the navel, energy can be collected, transformed and stored with no ill effects.
The navel also influences the nearby organs. The navel is important for the small and large intestines and the major lymphatic system. When we use the Pachoti device, it helps in improving digestion and absorption through small intestine. It also helps in elimination of waste material from large intestine, and also increases the flow of lymphatic system.

When navel center is open and connected with the other centers, one feels balanced. When it is blocked or closed, it manifests in sloppy, picky or distracted behavior.
When navel center is out of center position, one may get heart burn, coughing,vomiting, diarrhea, constipation, pain in abdomen, cramps, chest pain, backache, excessive menstruation, Prolapse of rectum, noisy flatulence, breathing difficulties, even fainting at times, bad dreams, insomnia, urinary problems, pain in extremities, etc. Even breech presentation babies are helped to change position to vertex when Pachoti device was used to correct the energy flow through the navel of the pregnant mother and the centering of body was restored.
Many persons can feel the pulsations of energy passing through the center when the Pachoti device is applied on the navel.
Conception Vessel CV 8 point is on the navel.
There are many ways of checking the imbalance of the navel center. One of the ways is checking the size of two little fingers by holding both the palms in exact alignment, with lines merging properly. One little finger may appear smaller than the other. On using the Pachoti device for five minutes, the center may get balanced, and one can check the little fingers again. In case, the belly button is chronically out of alignment, it may take many days of using the device to restore the position. The navel should be round of proper depth and well formed. If it is shallow, it may be a sign of lack of energy stored in navel.
It is also called as front door of Hara in Japanese and in of Lower Tan Tien in Chinese.

What is this device?
It is a hexagonal acrylic disc with Brass metal ring and Clear quartz crystal embedded in it. It comes with two strings at both ends to make it easy to tie.

How does it work?
The crystal and metal reinforce a harmonious energy field to help realign the Pachoti (Belly Button) or the navel center.

What does it contain?
The crystal and metal ring are energised with flower/gem/herbal energy essences.

How do I test its efficacy?
Place the device on your belly button (umbilicus) with the metal part touching the skin. Feel the difference in yourself.

In what way will I feel different?
You may find that ailments like constipation or diarrhea are under control and digestion may improve. Backache may improve; excessive menstrual flow may be helped.

How do I use it?
Place the device on your belly button with the metal part touching your skin for 3-5 minutes, twice a day. The belly button may align itself in its central position within 3-5 minutes of the treatment.


Bhim said...

dear Drs Shah,

thanks for your comments on Shameem's blog, so i could reach you.

what is the price for device ?
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Sudhir said...

dear Dr. Atul and Rupa,

I came to know about yr blog from the Shamim ahmad's blog.

Your information regarding the Pachoti device is wonderful. You are requested to give us more details of this so that we can order this.

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Dr. Rupa Atul Shah and Dr. Atul K. Shah said...

Dear Bhim and Sudhir,
Thank you for visitng my blog.
It is available online at our company website. The link is here.
The price is written in US Dollars. However, you can pay in equivalent amount in Rupees.
We have made and researched this device on our own. We find it very useful in our clinical practice. It is in use for more than 10 years.